Lime on the wall – purity of the soul

This article describes the benefits of white liming our homes when performing repairs and renovations.
In recent years, the market for building materials has been flooded with synthetic products, and their advertisements are convincing us in their quick and easy use, endurance, quality and low prices.

Is there any guarantee and warrantee of our quality of life after their use?!

After a “quality” renovation with all these “modern” artificial materials, will it be “expensive” to protect our health ?!

The ecological industrial products gifted by our planet have been used for thousands of years to building purposes. Varta is one of the main natural assets, from which we have the opportunity to take advantage of building or renovating the buildings so that they remain sustainable over time, and our stay in them – healthy and pleasant!

More about the benefits of liming, tips and ways of usage of slaked  lime and lime solution in our home can be found here.

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