• Packing:Polythelen bags
    • Quantity: 10 kg.
    The lime is formed by the interaction of caustic lime (calcium oxide) and water, which develops a high temperature and a large amount of heat is released. It is widely used as a connecting element in construction, masonry as a material for interior and exterior plasters, cleaning and disinfection in the household as well as in the maintenance of organic production in agriculture.
    • Packaging:
    • Quantity: 20 кг.
    Lime plaster is a mixture of lime, sand and water. Adding more lime makes the solution more plastic and more adhesive, but also increases the risk of cracking of the plaster when it dries. The lime solution is used for internal and external use. As regards to internal application it is used in masonry and plasters. For stronger walls or outdoor plasters, which are exposed to weathering, it is often necessary to add cement to the product.
    • Type: fraction 0,1 – 4 mm
    • Packaging:polythelen bags
    • Quantity: 25 kg.
    The product is of excellent quality, pre-washed and drained. The sand is a major natural product in the construction industry. It is suitable for construction and repairing activities.
    • Type: fraction 5 – 40 mm
    • Packaging: polythelen bags
    • Quantity: 25 kg.
    The usage of natural inert materials in modern construction is getting larger. Because of the great number of advantages they have successfully established on the Bulgarian and world market and they are constantly increasing their application. The inert materials take an active role in road and public infrastructure, household and gardening. This processed material can be successfully implemented in various concrete and aerated concrete products and bricks.