Slaked white lime. Where and how to use it in agriculture?

We are still in winter season but slowly and surely we are walking towards the months when the spring will knock on our doors and we will need to take care of our plants if we want to protect, preserve and enjoy them after awhile.

Varta is one of the most affordable disinfectants. The main reason for this is its environmental safety and its antimicrobial qualities. The antimicrobial action is accomplished by killing and fixing of the bacteria, viruses and fungi both in the soil and on the plant species themselves.

Liming is one of the most important agronomic methods that need to be applied in the care of trees. Slaked lime takes part in the disinfection of the bark, being an essential ingredient in the preparation of a bordeaux solution. And for the successful fight against soil pests and the neutralization of acidity in the soil, this ecological product comes back again to us – the slaked lime.

For more information on liming and how to prepare a bordeaux solution, you can click here or on this link.

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